Your New World of Wine is Waiting for You

Never waste money on a bad bottle again. Only BottleBird uses the science of your palate to create personalized wine recommendations that fit your lifestyle.


Explore Your Palate

Master your own tastes without relying on the recommendations of others by diving deep into the unique properties of wines you like best.


Discover New Wineries

Our wines are curated from artisan wineries across the country who compete for your attention based only on the quality of their craft.


Find Your Tribe

See what your friends like; compare, save and rate wines together; and find wines you will all love by combining your profiles.


Create Memorable Occasions

See recommendations for which of your wine matches go best with your occasion; and even pair the perfect foods from inside the app.


Pick the Perfect Gift

Never bring a bottle that misses the mark again. Simply find the wines that rank highly for your friends and pick it up at a store that carries it.


Enjoy Your Freedom

Purchase your wine direct from the winery or a variety of online and local stores. Tweak your profile any time and try some new finds!

Step 1: Create Your Palate Profile

Take a quick survey about your tastes – stuff you like, stuff you don’t, and things you’re just “meh” about. We use this information to create a custom profile of your individual tastes to match to the chemistry of wines.

Step 2: See Your Personal Matches

We rate how well you match any red, white, rosé or sparkling wine. Be adventurous and try them all! Save your favorites and review your new discoveries so you and your friends can revisit what you like best.

Step 3: Refine Your Selections

Filter wines by any criteria imaginable – price, style, occasion, region, varietal. You can even see what matches work the best with certain foods, occasions or even groups of friends!

Step 4: Buy Wine With a Tap

We introduce you to wineries you may never have discovered on your own. Click to buy directly from their site (where available), or choose from a variety of online or local stores that best suit you. We will even recommend the best food pairings to go with your selections!

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